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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Story by Aaron (10/12/07)

Aaron Vanderschuit
(with help and typing by Daddy)

Once upon a time there was a mirror that seemed like it has another world in it. Along came a girl that was really silly. She thought that the mirror was another world with her friend inside it. She went to try to hug her, but it wouldn’t work. She thought her friend was stuck in solid ice. And she knocked on the glass (she didn’t know it was glass) until it broke. And then she was ashamed of what she had done.

And then along came some other girls, and they saw what silly girl had done. And the girls watching nearby said, “You silly girl! Why did you even think that was solid ice? It was glass! You could have hurt yourself real bad.”

Silly girl answered, “I just didn’t know that. I thought there was another world inside it. I thought, ‘What’s my friend doing in there?’”

The girls said to her, “It was actually you! You should have known that was your reflection! Didn’t you see that she looked just like you, was wearing the same clothes as you, the same belt as you, the same eyes, the exact same hair? And what about all of the moving? Didn't you see that she was moving exactly the same as you?”

“I just thought that was my friend doing the exact same thing as me, that’s all. And I thought there was another world in it, or maybe another world that does the exact same thing as this world. Even the trees. Even my globe looks the same when I put it up to a mirror. I did notice all of the words were backwards on my shirt that said ‘EXPLORATION KID.””

The other kids made fun of her, teasing and singing, “You thought it was solid ice, but it was your reflection! You thought it was your friend, but it was your reflection!”

Silly girl felt bad and said, “Maybe I should be more careful next time I see myself in a mirror.” And then she remembered that her mommy had told her not to play with the mirror. And her mommy also told her that the mirror cost $500.

And then also in her house was her silly brother who did the exact same thing as his sister. He looked at the reflection in the mirror and thought it was his friend and tried to hug him but it was too hard. So he knocked on the glass, and he knocked until it broke, and he remembered that his daddy told him not to do that, because they were really poor. And the Daddy said it costs $1, and they didn’t have any money. They had no pennies, no nickels, no quarters—no nothing. The Dad had spent his last $500 buying his wife the first mirror for her birthday.

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