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Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Soccer Game of 2007

It was actually Sammy's very first game, and and the first game of Aaron's second season. I coached again. Very different from last year's "all star" team. Aaron was the only kid with experience. As the season unfolded I began to see that most of the time it was going to be "Aaron versus the other team". His teammates played a tiny bit of defense, if only by just so happening to be in the way while picking flowers or chasing their shadows. Actually, it's a blast with the little kids because it really doesn't matter since there is no score keeping and they really are just having fun.

For the Sammy footage, if you look closely, you can see that he does this "wind up" thing with his arms before he starts running. A real crack up. He later said he was trying to go as fast as Bugs Bunny (note to self: remove Looney Toons from training videos). Watch him instead of the ball, since by the time he gets wound up the ball is far away from him, and then by the time he gets there the play is over. He does make one run with the ball, only to get stopped, and then he gets down on himself (Elisa stopped the video literally a second before he got down in the fetal position in the middle of the field. Play on!)

For the Aaron footage, I was amazed at the ball control he manages. For the "play of the day," watch him go the wrong way--intentionally--gather his poise (and some teammates as if by some magnetic force), and then Aaron's fireworks begin: body shielding, body feints, quick cuts, and ending with a goal. Enjoy!

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