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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Insane Front Yard Sled Run 2008

My best ever effort at building a "sled run" for the kids. Originally inspired by Uncle David the previous year, but then pumped up on steroids for an even wilder (dangerous?) ride. Off the front porch, down the steps, berm off the fence, snake through the yard, berm against another fence, up against the house, and the wind down at the bottom of the yard.

The thing Sammy had going for him was that he was really loose and low--and good at hanging on for dear life. Okay, so it wasn't all that bad! But he was going down backwards a few times to lessen the fear factor until I told him to go forwards. Apparently he figured what he couldn't see couldn't hurt him.

Aaron's balance made me feel better about him in spite of his more edgy, radical riding style. Plus he kept his helmet on. This is probably the last time we'll ever do this kind of front yard track because it only works for little kids. The bigger you are the higher your center of gravity and the harder it is not to eat it on the first berm. Plus, I hate to have to keep denying the neighbor kids who sit and watch from a distance like I'm some kind of stingy meanie. Kids, go look up "liability".

1 comment:

Hynum Family said...

This is my favorite video of yours. I even showed it to my friends at work to show what cool friends I have. They said Blaine looked like Luke Wilson! not bad man! Jamie