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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Castles in the Sand

[We originally sent this out as an email exactly one year ago. Elisa's mom happened to comment on this today and reminded us about it, worthy of posting here. Photos were from my camera phone.]

It's man against nature as we build a fortress to protect us from the wind and the waves--built close enough to the water that we know it will be put to the test at high tide. This one lasted the longest of all the ones we've built so far (three of 'em this summer, probably about 2 hours against some good sized waves once the tide rose. (UPDATE: exactly one year later this is still our best fortress). It also helps the kids to keep warm from the wind so I won't be bothered to leave earlier than I want to. Actually, the boys keeping those wet life vests on is part of what makes them so cold, but they don't want to part with them. Fear of the waves, I guess (they take after their mother).

Sammy prepares for action as Aaron stands
guard against a rogue wave. There's actually
a tunnel under the blue boogie board.

So far so good, but where's Daddy?

Ah, there he is! Probably doing maintenance
from all the sand we kicked in (on "accident").
You skeptics should note the wave line left
in the sand (upper left) for proof that this wall
was really withstanding the waves. You can
actually see how the water made it to the very
top of the wall also.

In case you're wondering, Elisa just watches while we work and then walks over to take a few easy pictures. Hmm. And before you start lining up to give me awards for Dad of the Year for all of this (I know, I know), please note that I do spend most of my time in the water, so this is the kids' consolation prize. Keep 'em warmified and occupied so I'm justified on the surfside. Can you dig? (Pun intended).


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