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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Practical Jokers

My sons Aaron and Sammy can be quite the practical jokers. For instance, the other day, Aaron created this image simulating a computer virus, and left it open on the computer for me to see:

This morning, I got him back good! A little background first. Yesterday, he begged me to donate his $40 allowance we owed him to this Minecraft (computer game) server site so he could get this weapon that would make him practically invulnerable in the Minecraft Hunger Games simulation he plays. I thought it sounded fishy, but he assured me his friend did it and it worked out fine, so we did the donation.

That got me thinking of a fun way to get him back. I would make a similar mock virus alert, except mine would be looking like it was being typed remotely. But not just by a hacker...but by "Herobrine", an unauthorized Minecraft character associated with Minecraft virus scares. I made it out like Herobrine hates people who donate to the server like Aaron did.

So after breakfast this morning, I had the boys wake up the computer under a fake excuse. Sammy discovered my mock virus message first and anxiously called me over. I pretended I was totally freaked out, and was yelling out "AWWW GREAT! The computer is RUINED!" Aaron ran over to see what was the matter. I waited a little bit for him to read it fully (you have to watch it for a while to let it run through its entire animated sequence):

You should have seen Aaron standing there all slack-jawed! Right when he looked most worried, I added, "And all because you just HAD to donate to that Minecraft server!" I let the gag run a little bit more just to see what would happen, adding "Try pressing the escape button", knowing full well the only way to get out of the screen was to press F11. After a little more fake outcry, I started laughing and the jig was up. We all had a good laugh and the boys conspired about how they were going to trick their friends with it.

Next, I taught the boys how I did it, and we created this animation together:

Ah, the computer generation!

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