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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"A Place to Live In" by Elisa

Earlier today I had a chance to chill in my favorite comfy chair upstairs while the boys occupied themselves with a game of "Upwords" (it's like Scrabble for kids). After getting home late last night from a day in the sun at Newport Beach and having to wake up at 4:30 in the morning for work, I just wanted to be lazy today and hide from the sun a little bit. I began daydreaming as I looked through the big window to the tops of the swaying pine trees outside against the blue summer was as if they were reaching up to God, thanking Him. And I was overcome with awe and wonder at God's and trees that have such intricate detail and beauty, that are stamped with evidence of a Designer. I began to think that it's so sad that people could think that all of the order and beauty that surrounds us in this world was the result of an accident, or an explosion, and that all of it just evolved over millions of years. Order is not the result of chaos. I kept thinking about that statement "Order is not the result of chaos." I had my Bible on my armrest because I wanted to read something in Matthew and my thumb had been resting on some "random" page while I was lost in my thoughts. I came back to reality and looked down to see that my Bible was opened to Isaiah. My eyes instantly became fixed on a verse at the bottom of the page. The words practically jumped up off the page at me. It was Isaiah 45:18...

"For the LORD is God, and He created the heavens and the earth and put everything in place. He made the world to be lived in, not to be a place of empty chaos."

I was blown away (once again)! But especially by the last part of the verse: He made the world to be lived in, not to be a place of empty CHAOS." His creation reflects His plan and His love! I love this quote from CS Lewis:

"Atheism turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning." :)


BarbRey said...

That was a beautiful writing about your thoughts daughter. What a splendid moment huh, that God was putting your thoughts in order, especially when your hand was placed on that particular scripture. You are certainly one of God's angels Elisa, that he puts to good use. I love you.........Mother

Anonymous said...

Good Morning B & E!

Lovely, thank you for sharing. I hope you and the boys have a special day today, sorry I am not there to share in the festivities [Aaron's Baptism]. I am in Newport for our leadership weekend.

I look forward to hearing about your day.


Anonymous said...

You have so much wisdom!!!!

Uncle Gary