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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Art Show Benefit

Elisa's artist brother Stephen Romio participated in an event for a charity called Hope Gardens which helps homeless mothers get off the streets of Los Angeles. Elisa, her parents, my Dad, Nancy and I all attended. It was great to see my dad and we had quite an experience over dinner at Shakers with me confessing to a bunch more teenage sins, which took over two hours. It says something about my dad that I feel comfortable telling him this stuff years later. (I hate to "hide" this in a post, but please pray for him, as he's starting chemotherapy next week for cancer in his lungs and around his chest area).

As for the lack of art in the video, it's sort of a no-no taking pictures of someone's art at an art show, so the sample I have is a portrait Steve did of Elisa that hangs in my music studio. It hardly does justice to his talent, as good as the portrait is. It's one of the quick "30-minute portraits" that he does on weekends down at Universal City Walk. You might want to catch him there and have him do yours. Steve is a great brother-in-law and an impressive guy, and a true artist (he's at the end of the video).

(The song is called "City Lights". I wrote it and recorded it for my step brother's entertainment-design video. Somehow the first part of it fits just right with this, too. Sorry, Mike!)

1 comment:

BarbRey said...

Very well done Blaine, a memorable evening spent by all of us. It was nice to be together. We are so proud of Stephen. And, yes indeed, our prayers are with your Father. He was in very "good form" by the way, that evening. I love the tune, "City Lights", it's appropriate. Love, Mom Romio