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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

6th Grade Graduation

(L-R) John Bernardi, Greg Butcher, Alec McKinnon,
J.B. Skogstrom, Blaine Vanderschuit

June 1980 (felt like '79 though). Me and the boys were the tough kids who ruled the playground and tried to rule the classroom--and the principal's office (never understood that spelling trick about how the principal is your "pal"). Note the OP and Lightning Bolt shirts (you'd also see Vans shoes) along with my sun bleached surfer hair (yes, that's me on the far right). I'm in contact with everyone on the list except Greg, although I saw him at the 20-year reunion [strike that, just caught up with him on Facebook]. John actually lives nearby (Big Bear).

Just last night I was thinking about those good old days on the hot Oneonta blacktop, prompted by one of my students wanting to learn the Cheap Trick song "Surrender". Hey Alec, remember when Mr. Comlossy did the Rock'n'Roll History thing and we lip sync'd to "I Want You to Want Me" and "Surrender"? Funny, I wanted to be the drummer but had to do electric guitar instead. Strangely enough, about 6 months after this picture I asked for a drum set for Christmas but got an electric guitar instead ("Get him a guitar, preferably a quiet one" is probably what my dad told my mom). The rest is history...

P.S. Dad, I have a drum set now if you want to come listen.

1 comment:

Diana Graham Storey said...

Blaine ~ I remember you guys doing the lip sync gig...Too Funny!! Mr. Comlossy ~ Hmmm, I remember we would all talk too much in class so he would keep us after and make all the parents mad! Those were the days! ~ D