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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Best of Aaron Trying to Hang a Towel (Crackup)

Aaron (just before turning 3) repeatedly trying to hang a little hand towel up. Maybe he was just stalling to avoid going to bed, because this literally went on for about like 8+ minutes--but I boiled it down to a 1 minute best-of reel. My favorite part is when he makes a song about it, "Sing a song, put a towel up." Also when he tells the stool to "stay right there" and then moments later seems to be disciplining it for it's failure to cooperate. You have to admire his can-do spirit all the way through till the end whimper when he puts his li'l head down after Elisa unfortunately has to tell him she doesn't think he can do it, that it's time for bed.

FYI, I'm still updating the blog with old stuff, keeping it chronological by when it happened. But if you've never seen this, and you're not cynical (if so, why are you reading this?), it's worth a view.

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