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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Disc Golf in Wrightwood (my first video edit - 2002)

Okay, so I didn't really post this on 8/27/2002, but that's the date I made the video. Plus I wanted it archived way back! If you've never seen disc golf (aka "frisbee golf" or "folf") before, you might want to watch my short explanation of it that I made for my relatives in Canada. You might want to watch it regardless. It features the old "short-hair glasses-wearing" version of me, and my nephew Johnny as he looked back then (fairness to him: this was his very first day folfing).

As for the video, well it was my first time exploring video editing using my computer, so please forgive the bugs.

1 comment:

jtmomega7777 said...

Awesome Blog Blaine and Elisa!!!
I havent got to check out everything yet--but what I did--and a quick scan--Awesome!!!

Delightful way to keep up on whats happening with the VanderSchuits!

Also--happy to see some of the photos I shared with you being used

Blessings to you,
John McIntosh