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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Deep Creek Suprise

Monday, July 5, after finishing hauling all the weeds and rubbish from around the yard, I decide to take the family to a local spot called Deep Creek, in a canyon below the east side of Lake Arrowhead just beyond the community of Cedar Glen. It's late, so we're debating if it's going to be worth it with the sun on its inevitable descent and the wind picking up. But we bite our lips and just go.

After a quick stop to pick up some meal worms for bait, we head down toward the dirt road that leads to our usual Deep Creek haunt (at the rocky section just below the bridge for those who know). The road is rockier and more rutted than last year, but fortunately with Elisa's help I'm able to resist the boys' calls for me to go faster.

We arrive about 4:45 and the place is packed. We're wondering if it's going to be a good scene when suddenly an Hispanic woman approaches us with her forest adventure day pass and gives it to us...a fortuitous sign since we had neglected to get one and would be in danger of getting a $100 ticket. Next, several of the cars leave all at once, considerably thinning the crowd. And we find the wind isn't as strong and the sun is at a perfect temperature. God seems to be smiling on us despite our earlier doubtful bickering. In fact, it would turn out to be our best and most adventurous time there ever.

Almost as soon as we're down there, Aaron spots a little water snake in an isolated pond, but it disappears into some bushes. So the boys head straight for the natural water slide to cool off in style.

A little later back at the pond, they see the snake again, and this time it literally comes up to them and pokes its head out of the water and flicks its tongue at them. So Aaron snatches it up, and both he and Sammy play with it for a while--until it nips at Aaron and he lets it go (all's well).

Next up, Aaron and I decide to fish while Sammy catches a bunch of water beetles from the pond. I catch a little rainbow trout (maybe 8"), and a little bit later Aaron hooks a similar one. Not big, but exciting because we've fished there before with no luck. Another boy gives ours a tadpole in a cup, and in keeping with the adventurous spirit, it manages to disappear before we make it home.

You can see most of what I'm talking about in this short video compilation of the adventure, the soundtrack for which I play a short rendition of "Here Comes the Sun."

A near perfect adventure, replete with tons of critters for the boys, and just on the other side of the lake. What a day!


Arich & Syble Harrison said...

The people, place, and experience make me homesick...

Arich & Syble Harrison said...

The people, place, and experience make me homesick...

GP said...

Way Cool!, Thanks For Sharing. GP

Anonymous said...

Hi Binny,

Looks like a fun day! I love Deep Creek, it's really peaceful in there. I am surprised to see so much water, wow!

Thanks for sharing:)

Love You,