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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sammy learns bathroom safety...the hard way

Any of you out there have the sliding shower doors? You know, the ones that have wheels the roll inside a groove along the top? They are accidents waiting to happen. I'll tell you why we are switching to the shower rod and curtain style (and recommend you do the same).

I thought I had at least eliminated the possibility of the thing totally falling apart by adding sheet metal screws to keep the track from coming off the top.

Yeah, the wheels would come out of the track all the time, particularly with smaller kids applying upward pressure reaching up for the handle to slide the door. The wheels might come out, but at least the doors were going to stay in the track (or so I thought).

I could kick myself for not warning my kids to "never force the shower doors open" or something of that sort. Well, that's what Sammy did, and the door totally came out of both the upper and lower tracks...and the sharp metal corner directly onto his big toe! Totally opened it up, requiring five stitches at the E.R.

Here's Sammy's take on the experience, which he recorded in his homeschool journal, which he titled "Almost Dead Toe, or The Night Toe Got Smashed, or Toe Got Hurt."

"My toe got smasht by the shower. I had to go to the e.r. and my toe got sticheted."

That's the doctor on the left of the drawing, giving Sammy three shots of Novocaine, which is apparently making Sammy red with pain and making tears actually shoot out from his eyes. On the right are Mommy and Aaron crying with sympathy (I was out with my phone off at a Bible study while this was all happening). The doctors were amazed at how close the boys are, with Aaron showing so much sympathy and support.

Moral of the story? Get the old school curtain-and-rod shower system. Hopefully Sammy won't have any lasting issues with that toe....

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