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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vintage Redline BMX from Uncle Steve

I bet some of you out there remember these bikes from back in the day. John, Alec, Greg, J.B., you probably all remember "Sears Alley" where we used to get crazy trying to clear those jumps. Sammy would get along pretty good there with this vintage Redline, which his Uncle Steve pieced together for the boys. Those really are the same mag rims we used to have. Thanks, Steve!

Sammy is pretty daring for a 5 year old. This hill, at the nearby middle school, was pretty steep and mushy with a tight line between snow and rocks. He's also fast, surprising me when he disappears around a corner and I chase him down only to find he's already disappeared around some other turn (he's had a good teacher in his older brother).

Yes, we all rode bikes and busted moves yesterday, but Sammy and his vintage bike stole the show for this post.

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