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Friday, December 19, 2008

Instant "Let It Snow" (just add lightning)

Here's my contribution to the craziness of the big snow storms we've been experiencing (which even included lightning, so it's possible with snow). A new variation of "Let It Snow". Sing it to the kids for a good chuckle. Best sung with a loungy feel, and maybe add sound effects for extra impact. It all started when I accidentally sang the word "frightning" instead of "frightful" in the first line...

Oh, the weather outside is frightning
And I just got struck by lightning
And since I'm starting to glow
See me glow, see me glow, in the snow

My eyeballs, well, they’re a-popping
And my hair is all a-sparking
And I feel like I’m gonna blow
See me blow, see me blow, in the snow!

Why does everything seem so bright?
And why do I feel so warm?
All I did was go fly a kite
In an electrical storm!

Well, I think I’m probably dying
‘Cause my brain is slowly frying
You better run before I explode!
See me glow, see me blow, then explode
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

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