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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The "Luckiest Kid in the World"

Birthday Pie Blow-out

Aunt Kerry, Papa, Nannie, Elisa

Nana's "I'm the life of the party but don't think I won't use this" look

Aaron's 7th birthday has now come and gone, with three (yes three!) birthday celebrations for this one birthday.

The first celebration was Saturday in Laguna Hills at Aunt Michelle's (my former stepsister I just call sis). My former stepfather "Daddy Rick" was there, whom I hadn't seen since I was 8 years old (32 years ago!). As you can imagine, this was a very big deal for me, and the sad fact that there is no reunion photo is actually a testament to just how absorbed Daddy Rick and I were in our conversation. Sister Cindy and her family showed up too, and it was probably 28 years ago that I last saw her. Uncle Ryan (Michelle's hubby) took over entertaining the kids in the pool, and his father Carl was a very generous host for the whole deal. A big thanks to everyone involved.

The second party was on Sunday, Aaron's actual birthday. Nana (my mom), Papa and Nannie (Elisa's parents), Aunt Kerry, Danni and Michelle (Aaron's cousins), were there at the Arrowhead Village pizza place with me, Elisa and Sammy. Later that night before bed, Aaron said "I'm the luckiest kid in the world, because I get to have cake so many times!" Funny thing is that he neither likes cake nor believes in luck, (note the birthday pie in the pic above), but he was really referring to all of the birthday celebrations he was getting.

Which brings us to the final party on Tuesday, with friends from church, for which the camera was hiding somewhere, probably in my pocket... The Joiners, the Dunns, the Cookes, the Sharpes, the Ecklands, the Diaz's, and others were all there to imbibe the Star Wars motif ambience. Aaron got two more light sabers, one of which is spring loaded which Aaron calls "the ultimate light saber". At the end of the party, Aaron said "This is the best birthday I've ever had!" An amazing trio of celebrations for an amazing kid.

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