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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Leo Carillo and Pt. Mugu Camping Reunion

(Elisa thinks this is my best video to date...)

We arrived at Leo Carillo State Beach campground the evening of July 9 to reconnect with my "former childhood stepsister" Michelle (I just call her my sis), along with her husband Ryan and two kids, Jade and baby Ayden. Jade looks almost exactly like Michelle did at that age. The last time I was at Leo Carrillo I was about that age and was with Michelle and the rest of what was our extended family at that time, so this reunion brought back some lost memories.

The first part of the video is of Leo Carillo, with one actual photo of Michelle(!) also duplicated in an enlargement. We were supposed to take a brother/sister shot but I guess were otherwise distracted. The beach is a true natural wonder, on a less beaten path just north of Malibu.

The next part is of the second leg of the trip a few miles further north, at Sycamore Campground (just south of Point Mugu [not MAGU!] State Beach). It's a toss up what's more beautiful, Sycamore or Leo Carrillo. We were graced with many close encounters with wildlife, including dolphins and seals. And as is often the case with Sammy, he provided more than his fair share of comic relief and friend-making. Aaron and Sammy fans will certainly not be disappointed in general!

On the way home, we had a surprise for the kids, which you should be careful to watch for at the REAL end of the video. Oh yeah, the song is "Out of Breath" by Lifehouse. Post a comment.


Arich & Syble Harrison said...

Hey Blaine,

Nice job on the videos!
You and the Family look great!
I got kinda sad watcing because it made me miss you all of you -- I think the Cello Suite really enhanced the melancholy homesick feeling.



Barbara said...

Blaine the "Videographer" - job well done. The video allowed Nannie and Papa to visit. My favorite part, the "butterfly" and the "dolphins" playing. Of course Aaron and Sammy's smiles were right there at the top of the list. Cute "wet suit", Blaine. Were you wearing your "dred's" in one shot? Either that, or you had some "seaweed" stringin' down your head. (smile) Fun time had by all. Some of the best memories the boys' will ever have! XXXOOO Nannie

Bridget Sherman said...

It's great to see you all haveing fun. We miss you. Josh and Eyve love it. I love you