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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sammy's First Audio Story (copycat!)

Not to be outdone, Sammy also wanted to record an audio story (if you haven't heard Aaron's yet, it's in the post below from yesterday). Aaron was concerned because Sammy couldn't read, but I just said Sammy could just make one up on the spot. Sammy's 47-second story, called "The Bear Adventure" is almost point by point the same as Aaron's "The Mountain Lion Adventure" except Sammy came up with a surprise spiritual twist with Aaron in the role of hero rather than Daddy and Mommy. I also tried to come up with a unique soundtrack for Sammy's to capture what I felt was his spirit. Sammy's narration is sure to get you smiling again. Post a comment!

1 comment:

ronda said...

hey sammy,
nice job on the story! you held my interest, made it exciting, and had a great ending! keep up the good work--keep those stories coming!
mrs. ronda (bonda, bronda...)